latvija riga

Sights Of Riga

What to see, where to go and where to relax, having arrived in Latvia? One of the most interesting and attractive places for tourists is Riga. The main attractions of Riga are concentrated in the heart of the city – Old Riga, where the streets are still lined with cobblestones and where the medieval color of the city is felt. Outstanding architectural monuments from different eras have been preserved in Riga. The main attraction of Riga is the Old Riga district (‘Old Riga’) with dozens of old buildings.

butterfly greenhouse in Riga

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia…
Zoo in Riga

Riga Zoo

Riga Zoo The zoo in Riga is located on the territory of the…
Cathedral in Riga

Cathedral of the Nativity

Cathedral of the Nativity The need to build a new cathedral…
Ethnographic Museum In Riga

Ethnographical museum

Ethnographical museum The Ethnographic Open Air Museum in Riga…
Cathedral of St. Jacob

St. James Cathedral

St. James Cathedral St. Jacob's Cathedral in Riga is the main…
St. Peter's Church in Riga

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter's Church St. Peter's Church in Riga is a unique symbol…
The Basilica Of Our Lady Of Sorrows

Church of Our Lady of Sorrows

Church of Our Lady of Sorrows The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows…
Līvu Square

Livu Square

The picturesque Livu Square appeared in Riga in 1950 on the site…
Swedish gate

Swedish gate

Swedish gate The Swedish Gate is a cultural monument, an architectural…
The architectural complex of the three brothers

Three brothers

Architectural complex Three brothers. Three brothers - the oldest…