Our drivers are punctual and have many years of driving experience, impeccable service quality and high professional level.


Our cars are always in excellent technical condition. All our cars and pass regular maintenance work only in official services.

Concierge service

For your comfort we have a concierge service that will greatly facilitate your stay in Latvia and will make you enjoy your trip!


Our activities are official and legally transparent. We provide the necessary financial documents for reporting.

Car rental with driver

Concierge service

If you want to keep the usual working schedule and rhythm of activity, to spend your precious time only on what is interesting to you personally and useful for your business, to have time more with the least losses of time, energy and money. Our company “CST” will offer you an optimal range of services regardless of the purpose of your visit to Latvia.

Transfer service

Service transfer services are very popular among foreign guests, as they allow you to travel and rest in Latvia as comfortable as possible, as well as travel around Europe.

VIP meeting at Riga airport

This package is intended for customers who value time, privacy and personal service. The package is suitable for business and private travelers traveling alone or in the company.

Personal driver

The service “Personal driver” is now a widespread service in Latvia. Personal driver services can be carried out on the customer’s car or on the car of our company.


Having rented a car with a driver or business class for a day, you will feel true pleasure and provide absolute comfort from trips in Latvia. Our cars are always in excellent technical condition.



Excursions in Riga (Latvia) is an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful countries of Europe with a centuries-old history. Latvia with all its sights, historical monuments is a find for the tourist.

Protection of VIPs, events

One of the services that we provide to our clients is the protection of VIPs and mass events in Latvia.