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Bus and minibus rental

Bus and minibus rental in Latvia with a driver is now a widespread service. In our company, you can rent a bus of different models, designed for a large number of people, and minibuses for a small number of tourists. We provide quality services for the transportation of passengers at quite reasonable prices. In our company you can order transportation of passengers both in Latvia and throughout Europe. Rent a bus or minibus in an unfamiliar company responsible decision. We offer modern and technically sound vehicles.

  • Drivers

    Our drivers are punctual and have many years of driving experience, impeccable service quality and high professional level.

  • Cars

    Our cars are always in excellent technical condition. All our cars and pass regular maintenance work only in official services.

  • Calculations

    Our activities are official and legally transparent. We provide the necessary financial documents for reporting.

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(from 9 to 20 passenger seats)

Minibus rental

(more than 20 passenger seats)

Rent of buses and minibuses/ Аренда автобусов и микроавтобусов

Group transfers

Rent of buses and minibuses

Have you come to Riga, the capital of Latvia, a large company that can not fit in a conventional car? We have a simple and convenient solution for you! At our disposal there are comfortable minibuses Mercedes Viano and Mercedes Sprinter where you can transfer. These vehicles are equipped with comfortable ergonomic chairs, in which you will be comfortable to stay throughout the trip. There is also enough space in them to place your luggage.

If you are traveling in the Baltic States by a group or a family, renting buses and minibuses will be the best solution. All our minibuses are air-conditioned and have a high level of comfort. In them a transfer from the airport Riga or the Baltic States will bring you only positive emotions!

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Rent of minibuses MB VIANO
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Rent of buses and minibuses/ Аренда автобусов и микроавтобусов
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