Sights of the Zemgale region

Palace Rundale LatvijaZemgale is called the region in the southern part of Latvia, which stretches south of Riga and along the left bank of the Daugava right up to the border of Lithuania.

In the north of the region there is also a part of Kemeri National Park, famous for its healing mud, hydrogen sulfide springs and mineral waters.

Many rivers of Latvia flow through the region – the Daugava, Lielupe, Musa and Memele.

Arriving in Zemgale, you get a unique opportunity to walk along the road of history, and get acquainted with the sights of Zemgale from the 9th century through the Middle Ages to the triumph of Baroque.


Jelgava Palace

Jelgava Palace (Mitau Palace) is the most significant historical…
Tervete Natural Park
rundal- carste-Latvija
Castle Bauska

Bauska castle

The Bauska Castle is located in a picturesque place - on a spit…