Barefoot track.

Barefoot trail

Barefoot track.The barefoot trail is an original invention, the experience of which was adopted from Austria, Switzerland and Germany, and adapted to the Latvian landscape and climate, as well as to those unique qualities that are characteristic only of the Kemeri National Park for Lake Valgums and the Slocene River.

Walking and wellness rituals on the only barefoot path in Latvia and the whole Baltic will bring you a lot of pleasure.

The length of the trail is more than 2 km. Pebbles, moss, cones, sand, boulders, wood, reeds, chips, rough tree trunks, clay, river water, soft grass soaked in rain, pleasant peat to touch – all this and much more will be a great adventure for your feet and the effect will not make wait a long time.

Walking barefoot on the natural, natural surfaces of the Barefoot Path:

  1. You temper your body and increase its protective reaction;
  2. Blood circulation improves, which is good for the heart;
  3. Strengthens the muscles of the legs, ligaments, joints;
  4. Cramps in calves are reduced;
  5. Tired legs rest;
  6. The body relaxes and calms down;

Walking on a barefoot path can only be walked with bare feet. Kids will have to go with their parents, because it is impossible to ride along the paths in a wheelchair.

If you have an appointment, you can enjoy pleasant wellness treatments – a floral foot bath, as well as refreshments in the form of herbal tea.

On the territory of the leisure complex there is a cozy hotel, including panoramic rooms with beautiful views of the lake.

Provided services in the recreation complex:

  1. hotel
  2. restaurant (working hours 12: 00-22: 00)
  3. bath complex
  4. massage and spa treatments
  5. rental of conference rooms for 40-50 people
  6. service of corporate events and holidays
  7. sports grounds
  8. rental of sports equipment, boats, walking equipment bicycles
  9. bike paths
  10. conditions for organizing corporate events
  11. place on the lake for fishing

This place will not leave anyone indifferent – neither children nor adults. Come here in order to enjoy the beautiful nature and recharge with new energy.

Opening hours: The barefoot trail is open to all comers every day from 9: 00-20: 00.

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